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Patio And Concrete Installation

Upgrade Your House with Patio and Concrete Installation

Like many big landscape and hardscape projects, patio and concrete installation are both a lot of hard work. Not only that, the resulting patio, concrete driveway, or walkway will only be durable if the ground is properly prepared first. This preparation is what takes the most labor.

The first step is usually to grade the part of the land the installation will go on. Initially, this may seem easy. You can rent a skid steer to scrape the ground flat. It's the next part that will get your back complaining.

If your patio and concrete installation is going in a place where the ground is known to remain unstable, you'll need to add a retaining wall. Boulder retaining walls look great and can handle a lot of force.

Next, you need to prepare a bed for the patio stones or concrete to go on. This requires spreading out literal tons of sand and rock over the area you just graded. Special sand is used that will compact into a firm surface instead of washing away. Depending on the project, you may need to go over it with a tamper or roller to firm it up before you move to the next step.

After the layers of bed are in place and firmed up, you can finally put down your concrete or patio stones. Once the concrete cures, the project is finally complete.

Because of all of the work involved, most people hire a landscaper to install these hardscaping elements. Hiring it done also gives you the benefit of a crew with experience, thereby avoiding the problems that would come with doing something for the first time.

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